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Introducing HERC.

Defining the New Standard of Mock Draft Success.

The Hypermetric Expert Rating Calculator is prognosticator efficiency brought to life.

Taking variables that NFL Draft prognosticators should be compared against, HERC not only emphasizes extreme accuracy, but it finally brings measurable accountability to an industry filled with fair weather experts, diamonds in the rough, and talking heads dying to just be heard. Eliminating all of the “buzz words” and “what ifs” of the after-draft glow, HERC takes an entire industry and holds each expert equally to the mark of qualified measured effectiveness.


The HERC score is an analytics-based algorithm that uses more than 16 data points including: player-to-team accuracy, position group-to-team accuracy, draft position accuracy, and position group accuracy.

HERC Scores can range from 0-100 depending on the accuracy of the Mock Draft in question.

Utilizing a proprietary mathematical algorithm, HERC continues the legacy of integrity established by Hercules Gennaro Renda, former Michigan Wolverine Football hero, World War II veteran, and Michigan high school coaching legend. “Uncle Herc” as we knew him, rose to fame in the late 1930’s, coming from the coal mines of West Virginia after being dubbed “The Mighty Midwest Midget” for his diminutive 5’4 stature and his blue collar, never say die, work ethic. His entire life was about family, sports and holding himself, as well as others, to a higher mark of integrity. Uncle Herc truly embodied the “Actions Speak Louder than Words” mantra that drove us to develop the HERC score with the intent to replicate the same measurable accountability for an industry we love and respect.

More information about Hercules Renda can be found here.

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